One Door Closes

Doors close all the time. Sometimes their closing is completely out of our control, and other times we are the ones closing them… sometimes with a quick, full-bodied push, then turning the lock so fast, you’d swear you could challenge John Wayne’s trigger finger to an old fashioned dual… Oops! Did I just strap that key to the western era and blast it into a past I didn’t even exist in?! Yes! Yes, I did! I never want that door to open again! Other times, we get up off of our knees, confused, to look behind and see the door has shut. And, at times, it feels like we are being shoved out of that door while we are clinging to the edges trying our damnedest to stay on the inside. But, the locks are turned at our back the second our arms and legs give way to the frame. Rude! Whatever your experience is with the door, think of this: in the words of Semisonic (lyric cred to Closing Time), “Every new beginning was some other beginning’s end.” Whether or not you appreciate that song from the late 90’s, those words are fascinatingly simple and completely true.

The opportunity, or positive outcomes, that can present themselves when abrupt change occurs can prove to be extremely difficult to recognize when we are in the midst of finding our way again. It is hard to imagine what will be next. Some of us may have experienced the death of a loved one, and now we might be faced with circumstances like job loss, loss of our home, or the end of a relationship. In the moment, it is difficult to see that those endings can be used to prepare us for, or to help us appreciate, what is next. I have had doors open for me. I have built my own doors. I have even savagely kicked some doors open… I have slammed some. And, let me tell you, I have been shoved out of others; the wind from the closed door blowing past me before I could even get up and dust myself off. But, I am glad I tried. I am glad I had the experience. I don’t assume much about life anymore, and I try not to allow fear to interrupt my passion for trying new things.

Each time we are presented with a closed door, or an end, we are offered a key to another door, another beginning. And, if the key isn’t offered, sometimes we have to make our own key or build our own door. Grasp this opportunity and use it as a chance to be brave and unafraid of what might be behind the new door. It may be painful. It may be uncomfortable. It may bring additional sadness. BUT, it’s EXCITING because it will be different. It will be challenging. It will be whatever we make it until another chapter starts from this new beginning’s end. We will grow from the experience. I can tell you with 100 percent certainty that I never experienced personal growth when I remained in my comfort zone. If you feel like you might be suspended in your comfort zone, I suggest that you challenge yourself. Run through a new door at full speed with only a little hesitation in your heart, but none in your step. Be uncomfortable. Learn. Grow. Love. Cry. Laugh. Be careful, but don’t let the closed doors from your past dictate how you approach new opportunities in your future.

This applies to people, and the relationships we have with them, as well. Every human experience we have is unique. The people we meet each serve a different purpose. What I am saying here is that there is something to take away from every interaction we have. Some people cross our path to teach us, some to challenge us, some to help us, some to inspire… whatever their role in our life is, they can provide us with something we didn’t have before we met them… Experience… maybe even Wisdom. When we take the time to truly experience each other and genuinely learn from one another, we live.

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